Children in Crisis Fund

By 2030, more than 80%?of the world’s poorest people will be living in places that are very dangerous for children1. Chronic instability, conflict and violence in these places leave children extremely vulnerable to exploitation, deprivation, abuse and neglect.

For these vulnerable children, COVID-19 poses a grave threat. World Vision has predicted a major spike in the cases of children experiencing physical, emotional and sexual violence, both now and in the months and years to come. Violence against children could increase by between 20% and 32%.

Millions more children are now at increased risk of child marriage and child labour in the coming years as family livelihoods evaporate and economic crises ensue, forcing desperate families to pursue alternative sources of income which harm children.

World Vision is expanding and deepening our commitment to help children living in the world’s most dangerous places Survive, Recover and Rebuild a future.

Your pledge can make an impact in 3 areas:

  • Improve nutrition and reduce malnutrition of children in the Rohingya camps, Bangladesh by and improving access to nutrition centres and providing mothers with nutrition education
  • Prevent child marriages in Afghanistan by giving at-risk girls access to schools, teaching them vocational skills and educating various community stakeholders on the dangers of child marriage
  • Help children in Syria access essential healthcare services by improving healthcare infrastructure as well as providing appropriate psychological and psychosocial support as required to victims of violence.

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