Nepal (Sindhuli East)

Registered Children Affected in Sindhuli East Area Programme: 0
World Vision Staff Affected in Sindhuli East Area Programme: 0

Nepal, the first COVID-19 was recorded on 23 January. The government closed all non-essential operations, suspended all domestic and international flights and long-distance public transport, and closed its borders with China and India in response. The impact of COVID-19 on the country is high – many people have lost their jobs and sources of income as a result of government restrictions.

World Vision is now preparing for early recovery phase interventions. Throughout our response, we provided health workers with protective equipment and other medical supplies and reached 15 million people through radio broadcasts with prevention and child protection messages on over 300 stations. Another 31,400 people were reached through other digital platforms to raise awareness of COVID-19. We distributed handwashing soap to 5,100 families and food supplies to 2,000 families most affected by COVID-19. We also assisted 32 local governments to set up and operate quarantine centres and developed e-learning tools so that children could continue to learn through the lockdown.

All of the communities we partner with in Nepal are experiencing restrictions due to safety measures, which will likely cause some operational delays. WV Nepal staff are now working from home. However, we continue to monitor sponsored children remotely via mobile phones.

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