Mongolia (Selenge)

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There are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mongolia. The government restricted travellers arriving through international ports and provided on-the-job training for health workers on managing COVID-19.

World Vision is continuing to focus on promoting good hygiene, partnering with the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and World Health Organisation on a three-month hygiene and sanitation campaign and partnering with mobile phone provider Mobicom to improve water and sanitation facilities in 20 schools. We are supporting our producer groups to sew disposable protective items for the National Health Centre and have provided personal protective equipment like masks and coats to National Emergency Management Affairs.

We have also provided more than 7,000 families with food and hygiene kits in partnership with UNICEF, and distributed cash to 1,700 vulnerable families, including more than 5,600 children. We also partnered with the government to launch a television and social media campaign on COVID-19 prevention and child protection, and have produced information sheets for parents on positive discipline, stress management and quality time with children. All of the communities we partner with in Mongolia are experiencing restrictions due to safety measures, which will likely cause some operational delays.?

*Mongolia is one of 28 countries that World Vision is targeting with an increased multi-million-dollar emergency response that will reach at least 72 million people, half of them children.?

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